Our Providers work to deliver the highest quality of care to all of our patients.

CCHCI provides an array of preventative and primary medical care services to all people, all ages, regardless of ability to pay. We operate as a team and we are dedicated to ensuring that our patients always have access to the care they need.

Scheduling Flexibility

CCHCI offers an unusual degree of flexibility in provider scheduling and employment. Working longer shifts followed by four day weekends, going on extended sabbaticals, or working two weeks on/two weeks off are not unheard of at CCHCI.

Dedicated to Quality, Not Quantity

CCHCI is committed to allowing as much time as possible for providers to care for their patients. Although our providers certainly work hard, we do not have a culture of high volume. The productivity goal for most providers is to achieve an average of one patient every 30 minutes.

Provider Perks

  • Flexible Provider Scheduling
  • CME Leave and Stipend
  • Medical and Public Liability Insurance
  • Hospital Coverage Not Required
  • Provider-Led Projects & Initiatives
  • Loan Repayment Assistance

Provider-Led Projects & Initiatives:

Once established, providers who have an interest or passion in a particular area may be able to arrange dedicated time, budget and mentorship to carry the project to success. Providers can either apply past experience in program development/management, or may develop their skills while at CCHCI. With CCHCI’s support, some providers have secured significant funding for their projects, sit on advisory boards, present at regional and national conferences, and most importantly, make a real difference in our communities. Some provider-led projects that are ongoing include:

Some provider-led projects that are ongoing include:

  • Group Nutrition & Exercise Program for Children
  • Early Childhood Screening
  • Maternal Depression Screening & Treatment
  • School-Based Health for Adolescents
  • Mobile Medicine & Farmworker Health
  • Application of the Patient Centered Medical Home
  • Type 1 Diabetes Support Group
  • Group Orientation for Parents of Newborns
  • Asthma Clinic